LuminX Biotech Corporate Overview.

"Let you track cell drug in whole cell therapy process easily."
We have the world's unique "LuminX Raw material" and "LuminX Tracking Kit (LTK)" , coupled with accurate and exclusive image analysis technology and high-end imaging services, we are targeting the following areas of the world's medical landscape.
       •Stem cell therapy
       •Cancer/Tumor research
       •Immune therapy
       •Exosome research
LuminX Biotech is committed to provide preclinical/clinical data required by academic research centers, CROs and cell therapy-related medical institutions worldwide in able to build a complete "LuminX Cell Therapy Enable Platform" based on this foundation. LuminX Cell Therapy Enable Platform is dedicated to help customers with cytology, experimental animal model development, evaluation of drug kinetics, efficacy, metabolism, localization tracking of various cellular drugs and even "quantitative cellular drug biodistribution" the most difficult task in the world.
LuminX Biotech offers a wide range of professional biochemical/biomedical services to our customers.
       •Molecular biochemistry (qPCR & ELISA & Flow cytometry & WesternBlot)
       •High-level analytical services (NGS & MS)
       •Morphology (Slide section & Staining & Microscopy)
       •Extracellular Vesicles (EVs & Exosome fields technique and analysis)
       •Customized services for cell biology (in vivo) and in vitro model experiments