Invitation to Biotech Patent/Technology Matchmaking Conference


The Biotech Patent/Technology Matching Conference will be held on 2022/10/04-06 at the International Convention Center of Nangang Software Industrial Park.


Luminosity Biotech will also participate as a vendor and will have a booth to invite all the experts to come and give advice.


CEO Su will also share "Innovative Long-term Cell Tracking Reagents and Platform Case Studies" on the third day (10/6), details are as follows.


📆 Event Date: 2022.10.04~06

📆Event Time: 10:00~16:00

📆Presentation Date: 2022.10.06

📆Lecture time: 14:10~14:30

💻Address: 2F, Building A, No. 19-10, Sanchong Road, Nangang District, Taipei

💻Activities: Online and physical

💰Fee: Free

🧾Registration website: